Features Of, Types Forex Dealer



Features Of, Types Forex Dealer

Off - exchange operations have led to dishonest behaviour by unscrupulous Forex market dealers. Besides, many traders would deceptively announce Foreign exchange market trading as an easy way to earn money, without any significant venture of loss. Compliance Rule 2 - 36 (G) does not, however, applicable to otherwise unregulated Participators who do business with systems that are not Forex Dealer Members, meaning that it does not apply in any of the situations defined overhead. The Special Committee recommended extending this provision to cover deal ends with everything Forex sellers, not just Forex Dealer Members. Since Compliance Rule 2 - 36 only applies to dealings with Forex Dealer Members, the Special Committee proposed and the Board approved a disconnect regulation to make it clear that the requirement covers sell FX operations with non - Forex Dealer Members and with Forex Dealer Members. This proffer also precludes current part (G) of Compliance Rule 2 - 36 - as the new regulation would make this duplicative as well as unnecessary - and makes conforming technical improvements to the FX interpretive pay attention.


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