Forex Dealer - Interesting, Types



Forex Dealer - Interesting, Types

Like a practical matter, however, NFA won't receive disciplinary action unless the Forex Dealer Member knew or should have known of the non - Member's conduct or missed to exercise due diligence when vesting as well as maintaining the relationship with the non - Member. The Forex Dealer Member should affiliate as well as reinforce written actions to review the activities of non - Members requesting for it. A. EXPLANATION OF INTERPRETIVE NOTICE REGARDING FOREX TRANSACTIONS WITH FOREX DEALER MEMBERS NFA's try with the requirements of Forex represents that discovering mark - ups and mark - downs, as required in the actual rules, is of limited price to customers and can even be misleading. NFA supplies altering the interpretive remark to need Forex Dealer Members to unfold the bid - ask spread rather than the mark - up or mark - down.

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